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Vitapulse Review: Is it really worth it?

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016 in Heart | Comments Off on Vitapulse Review: Is it really worth it?

The VitaPulse supplement is a vitamin formula and an antioxidant that is designed to help keep a healthy heart as well as a healthy circulatory system by the use of its three main ingredients namely; NAC, CoQ10 and PQQ.


A quick preview at the VitaPulse official website shows that this product has nearly a 5-star rating in the customer review section. Customers have hailed the effective performance of the supplement as well as for its many benefits


As opposed to most popular antioxidant supplements, VitaPulse has very few ingredients as it includes only three key ingredients which are, NAC of 250mg, CoQ10 of 100mg and also PQQ (10mg).


This ingredient is mostly found in great amounts in foods like Kidney, liver, beef heart, mackerel and sardines. Eating the foods may however lead to other long-term health conditions. People who enjoy eating plenty of vegetables are able to acquire much of the CoQ10 such as spinach, legumes broccoli and cauliflower. It helps in controlling the cholesterol of the body and also the prevention of heart disease.

NAC (N-acetylcysteine)

It is typically a converted form of amino acid which is known as “cysteine”. When a NAC supplement is taken, the body alters the NAC into the cysteine, which is in turn converted into glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that fights the free radicals in one’s body. Free radicals are known to facilitate aging and also cause other health issues. Fortunately, NAC is found in vegetable food such as oats, granola, broccoli, onion and red pepper.

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone)

It is the least commonly known of the 3 ingredients of VitaPulse. It is however equally important since it facilitates the growth and the development of new mitochondria. Mitochondria is often known as the powerhouse of all the living cells in an individual’s body. PQQ can be sourced from different plants such as parsley, tofu, papaya, kiwi, green peppers as well as green tea. This makes the ingredient a natural supplement.


The supplement has been reviewed by many customers and they have depicted a number of great benefits offered by the supplement. They include;

· A great boost in body energy

· Decreased joint and knee pain

· Improved levels of cholesterol

· Helps in reducing inflammation

· Regulates an individual’s blood pressure

· It even facilitates weight loss


VitaPulse has just three ingredients and therefore most of its users are able to tolerate the few side effects they might encounter. Ingredients like NAC and CoQ10 might lead to side effects like nausea, headache, mild insomnia, rashes, fatigue and dizziness.


VitaPulse reviews which have been presented by supposed customers about the product online have showed that it really works and it is not a scam. The natural ingredients have shown that the supplement is legit together with legal certification. On top of this, the benefits of its ingredients have been regarded legitimate and with trusted sources.


As for the pricing of the product there few package selections. The current available offer on the official Princeton Nutrients website include a one month supply of one bottle of 30 capsules at $52.49, a 3-month supply of 3 bottles of 90 capsules at $127 and a six-month supply of 6 bottles of 180 capsules at $235.


VitaPulse actually happens to be a greatly cost and time efficient and also a convenient way of getting one’s nutrition in. It sources its great ingredients from natural foods which enhance the overall body health. The supplement has been in most cases and reviews observed to be a great preventer of heart diseases and anyone with any of the issues should not hesitate to order using one of their great offers.

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What are the Benefits of Niagen?

Posted by on Mar 13, 2016 in Nicotinamide riboside | Comments Off on What are the Benefits of Niagen?

Niagen is gradually gaining market acceptance, and this can be attributed to the fact that it has numerous benefits. Men, you know what reduction in testosterone levels means; it can result in physical changes such as increased body fats, decreased bone density and—significantly—affected libido. Sadly, there is little you can do about it, especially when you are old. But don’t give up yet, have you tried Niagen? If you haven’t, then you should give it a try. Here are some benefits of this great supplement:

1. It boosts your testosterone levels

Niagen increases testosterone levels, and the best part? It does so in a natural way. Therefore, if you are a man, and you are facing the implications of low testosterone level, Niagen is your ultimate solution. Each capsule of this supplement contains strong ingredients and any man who takes it will gain the benefits. The importance of boosting testosterone level cannot be overstressed; it restores the lost confidence while boosting your sex drive.


2. It helps in building lean fats

Do you want to get that provocative body you have always yearned for? Well, frequenting a gym will help, no doubt about that. But, what is a provocative body without sex drive? It is pretty evident; you need something else—you need to buy niagen! In addition to quickening the process of muscle development, this supplement plays an important role as far as getting a provocative body is concerned. Admittedly, Niagen has helped many people build lean fats, and who knows? You could be the next beneficiary, go for it!

3. It improves stamina and endurance

Due to its natural ingredients, Niagen improves your stamina and also boosts your energy levels. Let us be honest here. Every man yearns for a longer stamina, and this is exactly what Niagen has to offer. Those men who have had the chance to use this supplement claimed that it not only satisfied them but also their women. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to have this great supplement?

4. It makes you feel and look younger

Apparently, testosterone levels are what set the youths and old men apart—youths have high testosterone levels while old men have low testosterone levels. Old men, if you have ever wanted to feel young, then you should try Niagen. This supplement gives you a strong and an attractive shape, and it makes you look younger than you age.

5. It burns fats faster and effectively

Everybody hates fats—it’s a fact. In fact, given the opportunity, even fat kids would do what it takes to get rid of fats. So, what’s the point? Well, fats interfere with the functioning of our bodies, and it is just prudent that we get rid of them. Thankfully, Niagen will help you burn fats faster and efficiently. Go for it and feel the difference.

Many health experts will recommend Niagen because it is safe and effective. It is true that there are many enhancements in the market currently, but the presence of Niagen should simplify your purchasing process. Its effects have been proved, and thus, you can rest assured that nothing will go wrong when you go for it. The above are just some of the benefits of this supplement.

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21 Day Fix eating Out Guide

Posted by on Nov 26, 2015 in Eating healthy, Fitness | Comments Off on 21 Day Fix eating Out Guide

The 21 Day Fix nutritional program is one of the most spectacular programs out there. This program teaches you how to control the portions of your food, so that you can get all the calories that you need without overeating. This portion control system works using color-coded containers, for each of the food groups required for a balanced diet.


You will then use these simple and intuitive containers when planning and preparing your meals. But what happens when you want to go out and eat? How can you follow the nutritional plan when you don’t have the containers with you?

Well, it is quite simple to eat out while on the program, and below I will show you how.


1. Check out the restaurant website before you head out so that you can know what to expect in terms of the menu. When you know what meals are provided beforehand, you can identify foods that fit within the program.
2. Ask your server to bring your dressings on the side. Dressings are loaded with calories, and that is why the orange container is the smallest. When your dressing comes on the side you can control how much dressing is used on your food.
3. Go for grilled and baked foods, as they are not prepared with a lot of fat and oil.
4. Stay away from battered, smothered, creamed, melted, and fried foods, even though they are absolutely delicious. These tasty foods are high in calories but low in nutrition, and they have the ability to derail your progress.
5. Make use of the eating out guide, as it has some good advice for you. This guide will give you tips on how to follow the program when you are not home, and it also shows you how to calculate containers when you are not the one preparing the meal.


1. When you eat out, there is always a danger of over eating. That is why you should drink a glass of shakeology before you head to the restaurant, as shakeology will curb your appetite. In this way you won’t consume calories that are unnecessary.
2. Drink a glass of water with your meals, as it is filling and has zero calories. Dehydration often mimics hunger pangs, and water keeps you hydrated so that you do not feel hungry once you are done eating.
3. Keep off cocktails and beer, as they are high in calories and low in nutrients.
4. You can have a glass of wine with your meal, but this counts as one yellow container.

If you are following the 21 Day Fix program, there is no reason for you to fear eating out. This program is very flexible, and it does not restrict the places where you can eat. At the same time, do not throw caution to the wind when you are eating out. Do your best to follow the guidelines set by the program, and use these tips if you are feeling overwhelmed.

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A Look At The Hammer and Chisel Workout Schedule

Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Fitness | Comments Off on A Look At The Hammer and Chisel Workout Schedule

While the nutritional portion of hammer and chisel is widely known, the workout schedule is often forgotten or neglected. However, it is very important for you to remember that these two parts of the program should be used together if you expect to receive the best results.
That is why we will look at the workout schedule in greater detail in this hammer and chisel review, so that you know what to expect when carrying out this program.

hammer and chisel Workouts

The hammer and chisel workout program consists of 6 main workouts, which appear on two DVDs. These workouts are intense and challenging, ensuring that you can lose the maximum number of calories during each of your 30 minute workout sessions.
Below are the hammer and chisel workouts that will help you achieve the fat loss and muscle gain that you have been aiming for.

1. Total Body Cardio (Fix)

The Total Body Cardio exercise is an intensive cardio workout that focuses on whipping you entire body into shape. This workout works by increasing your heart rate and metabolism rates, in order to burn as much fast as possible. The beauty of this workout is that it allows you to burn calories even once your session has come to an end.

2. Upper Fix

Upper Fix is composed mainly of resistance training routines, which focus on your upper body muscles. The goal of this workout is to reduce fat in your back, arms, shoulders, chest, and abs, and build lean muscles in these areas.

3. Lower Fix

The Lower Fix workout seeks to target your lower body muscles, using resistance training routines. The aim of this workout is to burn fat, reduce calories, and sculpt lower body muscles.

4. Pilates Fix

The Pilates Fix workout is similar to the common Pilates routines that you will find at your local gym. This workout is quite versatile in the way it works, as it aims to elongate your muscles, firm up your hips and thighs, and strengthen your core. At the end of the Pilates Fix workout your body should feel much stronger.

5. Cardio Fix

In order to improve the health of your cardiovascular system, the Cardio Fix workout targets your heart. This workout will raise your heart rate and use up all of your energy, however, the fat burning results are fantastic.

6. Yoga Fix

The Yoga Fix workout is similar to the Yoga routines offered at almost every gym. This routine seeks to improve your flexibility, balance, and strength, in addition to relaxing your muscles.

Workout Schedule For hammer and chisel

Workout Schedule For hammer and chisel

So Does the hammer and chisel Work?

With all workout products, they require dedication. You have to adhere to the stipulated of the product to the letter. You can’t expect results if you are not doing as per what you are told to do, so, I advice, strictly, if you intend to use this amazing product, make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter. I guarantee you results if you do this. If you are doing the DVD workouts, which personally was one of the most important parts of the workout plan, make sure that you follow it correctly, don’t rush over the DVDs please.

The workouts are really easy to follow and you don’t need to be a gym enthusiast to get you started on this and this is exactly what I loved about it. I have never stepped inside the doors of a gym and honestly, I was looking for an easy and quick way out. At first I was as skeptical as you might be but when I got o order this plan and try it out by myself, I actually couldn’t believe the shape I was in after the stipulated three weeks that are bound to bring you results. It also involves simple eating, which is a diet that is sure to bring you results that you haven’t witnessed anywhere else before but then again, this too have to be followed as strictly as possible so that you don’t get to mix the diet with other unwanted foods that might harm the effectiveness of the workout plan.

I think that, when it comes to the simple eating habits, this is where most people go wrong and in the end blame the workout plan for not delivering results while it’s they who haven’t followed the given instructions. Some people too you might find have issues medically and they still want this plan to work, you have to see your physician first and hear what he has to say about your health with regards to this amazing workout plan that I am sure delivers results in the said 21 days. So, follow what has been said above and I believe that you too, will come out of this smiling as I have and you will recommend this to other people that really need it. The best part about this plan is it really does save a lot of time which is what most people don’t have these days. So, yeah, it does really work.


There it is; everything you need to know about the hammer and chisel workout schedule. Using the information provided above you can now start planning your workouts, in order to get the best out of the program.

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11 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Posted by on Apr 2, 2015 in Metabolism | Comments Off on 11 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

If you are looking to lose weight, then boosting your metabolism will drastically speed up the process. A high metabolism will help your body burn off energy more efficiently, ensuring that the food you eat is used to fuel your body as opposed to being stored as fat.

Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

So if you were born with a slow metabolism do not worry. With the tips I will give you below you can now go ahead and boost your metabolism, so that you can begin shedding off those extra pounds.

Eleven Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

  1. Increase the intensity of your workouts:

One way of boosting your metabolism is to increasing the intensity of your walk, run or swim for 30-second intervals, ensuring that you consume more oxygen.

This action will cause your mitochondria to work harder and more efficiently when burning energy, and this will eventually mean you can get better results with shorter workout times

  1. Include more Omega-3 in your diet:

Eating fatty fish that are high in Omega-3s like tuna, salmon, and herring, helps boost your metabolism. This is because Omega-3 helps maintain blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and diminish resistance to the leptin hormone.

These aforementioned actions allow for the better regulation of the metabolism, in turn increasing the rate at which fat is burnt.

  1. Build muscle mass:

Muscles use up more energy than fat, and by building muscle during strength-training you can increase your metabolism.

For example, a 30 year old woman who undergoes 30-40 minutes of strength-training twice a week over a period of four months can increase her resting metabolism by up to 100 calories a day. This means that even on days where she does not go the gym her body is still burning calories at fast rates.

  1. Drink more green tea:

Green tea does not only contain amazing antioxidant properties, it is also composed of catechin which is known to ramp up metabolism. Catechin works to increase fat oxidization and energy production from the digestive process.

By drinking five 8oz cups of green tea everyday you can boost energy expenditure by up to 90 calories daily.

  1. Stop cutting back on calories:

While it might be tempting to cut back on your calories, taking this process too far will send your body into starvation mode. When this happens your body will start retaining fat because it believes times are lean, and your body’s metabolism will slow down dramatically in order to conserve energy.

Your caloric intake should therefore match your resting metabolism rate.

  1. Take part in anaerobic activities:

When you push your body to the limit during anaerobic exercises, you can benefit from Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). This process boosts your metabolism; so that your body can burn off calories for up to 24 hours after your workout is done.

  1. Eat a nutritious breakfast:

If you want to boost your metabolism and lose weight, skipping breakfast is not an option. A nutritious breakfast consumed 30 minutes to an hour after you get up will jump-start your metabolism, and give you enough energy to burn calories throughout the day.

Eat protein-rich morning meals like oatmeal, whole-grain toast, and spinach omelets.

  1. Snack during the day:

While eating 3 hearty meals is the preferred meal plan for many individuals, it is actually healthier to east 6 small meals. With these 6 meals spread through the day you can curb hunger pangs, in turn consuming fewer calories.

By snacking during these scheduled meals you also maintain blood sugar levels and stop the weight gain that is caused by spikes in insulin levels.

  1. Cut back on trans fats:

High-calorie trans fats have been known to slow down your metabolism, in addition to causing resistance to insulin. Inflammation resulting from insulin resistance can destroy your metabolism and stimulate weight gain.

  1. Eat organic food:

Organic fruits, veggies, and grains do not contain any pesticides. The lack of toxins in your food means that your thyroid function will not be interrupted, in turn ensuring that your metabolism levels are optimum.

  1. Consume more protein:

What many people do not know is that the body burns protein more efficiently then carbs and fats. This is because proteins take longer to digest, and therefore your body requires more energy to absorb the nutrients resulting from the digestive process.

This means that your metabolism increases when you consume protein-rich foods.

With these tips you can now crank up your metabolism and begin dropping those pounds faster than you have ever imagined.

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Insanity Max 30 Workouts- the right move for the perfect body

Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in Fitness | Comments Off on Insanity Max 30 Workouts- the right move for the perfect body

Insanity max 30 is a nutrition and workout program that is for a period of 60 days. It is one of the fitness programs that are designed to give you perfect arms, muscles and abs. But that’s not all, after you have completed the program and didn’t get the desired result, you can easily continue it. Apart from that, it is one of those ideal fitness programs that don’t have any side effects on your body, whatsoever.

Overview of the workout plan

First of all, the insanity max 30 workouts are divided into sections that start with warm ups and ends with a cool down session. These consist of the Tabata style workouts, interval training and more. Also, the Tabata style workouts are similar to the high impact interval training programs. You will need to go to your maximum level which is for 20 seconds and then require 10 seconds to recover from it. Interestingly, most of the workouts are of 30 minutes to 40 minutes.


What are the different workouts included in Insanity Max 30?

Cardio challenge

This is a 30 minutes workout challenge that includes the hardest cardio workouts you might have tried before. This is in fact more like a welcome workout to your journey of Insanity max 30. This is because; it is one of the first workouts you need to complete in this series of workouts.

Tabata power

Without doubt the Tabata workout will surely keep leave the muscles asking for mercy. It is the starting of the strength training. Here, you will need to do power workouts for 20 seconds with 10 seconds off.

Sweat Interval

This is one of the other intense workouts included in this fitness program. In fact, it is one of those rare programs that will surely have you screaming, torching and sweating out calories for about 30 minutes.

Tabata Strength

This is a workout that has been designed as a no rest strength workout. It is a full 30 minutes workout with about 10 or 20 seconds of rest.

Friday fright

This is another intense workout which is more like a battle between your body and mind as you try to complete the exercise. It is a process as well as a level which you need to build up.

Max out cardio

This is one of the craziest cardio you have ever done that will itself leave you screaming.

Max out power

This is a challenging workout that requires more recovery time and will have you fighting in this for 45 seconds that you are in it.

Max out sweat

The more minutes you give in this workout, the more you will sweat and burn more calories. It is another workout that works from your head to your toes.

Max out strength

This one is targeted towards your arms, chest, shoulders and core and these will be a toast after the session. In this workout, you will be using your own body weight for resistance. It is another Tabata style workout that comes with 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off.

These are the different workouts includes in Insanity Max 30 program.

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Fitness Tips to Improve your Health

Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 in Eating healthy, Fitness, Workouts | Comments Off on Fitness Tips to Improve your Health

You should be a good model for your family by eating healthy (vegetables, fruits, low fat foods, whole grains) and by exercising. The thing is that if your children see you being physically active and having fun, they will be same like you and more active thorough their life. You should involve everybody in activities such as biking, hiking, basketball, dancing or roller-skating. You should keep your body to move and focus to have fun. Keep in mind that all those healthy habits your family and you practice today, it will benefit everyone in the future.fiber-food

Cardiovascular activity is very important for good health, but do not forget that muscle strength is important as well.  The core muscles around your pelvis and trunk help your hips, lower back and abdominal muscles to work together in order to increase stability and balance. By having strong core muscles you can make your everyday activities much easier and decrease lower back pain, including your comfort level as you work at your desk. Also, beside cardiovascular activity, you should have some strengthening activities. A lot of these activities can be done at home without any special

Do not forget to drink a lot of water when you exercise. You should drink water before and after your walk. If you exercise you need to drink water constantly. Do not forget that every system in your body depends on water. Lack of water could lead to dehydration, and dehydration can exhaust your energy and it can make you feel tired. While you are engaged in any activity that makes you sweat, you must drink extra water, in order to compensate for the fluid loss. It depends on how much you sweat during exercise that is how much additional fluid you need. You need to be sure to replace fluids after you are finished with exercising. You know that water is clear it’s free and always near. So drink it a lot. You must be hydrated during the summer time especially, because summertime heat combined with physical activity lead to dehydration and other related illnesses.

tumblr_mavsvhpof11re96k4o1_1280Exercise with a buddy. By exercising in pair, it can help you to meet your health goals. So, do not exercise alone. You should find a friend who will help you to stay motivated and consistent. You can join some club, or you can just find a friend to be your company in your exercising. It is always better in two, or even more of your friends will make your exercise more fun and you will be much more motivated with a company then by yourself. You can join an activity such as a walking group where you can take part at your own fitness level and pace. You can go and play some sport that you like with your friends and you can go the gym with your buddy. There are many options and you can find out by yourself which one is the best for you.

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